Ealing Labour Approves a High-Rise for Perivale

Labour approves high-rise development behind the iconic Hoover building in Perivale despite massive local opposition. This latest approval follows several similar approvals across the borough in Acton, Central Ealing and Southall, raising overdevelopment concerns.


Cllr Greg Stafford, Conservative Opposition Leader said: “Once again, Labour members have demonstrated how far removed they are from understanding the needs of Ealing residents.  We are desperate for family sized homes. Yet, Labour keeps approving large scale developments that offers little or no family housing.  We see from this pandemic people flocking to our parks the first opportunity they got after being cooped up with small children.

It is regrettable that once again, rather than being on the side of residents, the Labour administration, is on the side of developers.  This latest high rise will do nothing to address the needs of Ealing families.”