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Winter Economy Plan

Central to the plan is a new Job Support Scheme and an extension of Self Employment Income Support Scheme. Over one million businesses will get flexibilities to help pay back loans.

Residents speak out about LTN

Northfield ward Councillor David Millican was joined by the Conservative Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey and the Ealing & Hillingdon GLA candidate and local group leader Cllr Gregory Stafford on Midhurst Road to listen to local residents angry about Ealing Council imposing road blocks without

Northfields LTN estimated to increase traffic mileage by 52% 

Traffic modelling has estimated that the proposed “West Ealing South” LTN scheme, which is being forced onto residents without consultation, will increase traffic mileage in the area by an average of 52%, with that rising up to 187% on the main boundary roads.

Nurses and Doctors Numbers Continue to Rise

NHS nurse numbers continue to rise with 13,502 more than last year. The number of doctors in the NHS has also risen by 7,890, figures to the end of April 2020 show.

A Plan for Jobs

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak today set out a ‘Plan for Jobs’ that will spur the UK’s recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s get more pupils back to School

Primary School pupils have returned to school, but a survey suggest that barely more than half the eligible primary children can attend their class and less than half are attending.  Whilst not all schools have provided data it is clear that there is a long way to go to ensure that all eligible pupils could be at school.

Ealing Labour Validates Manor Road Application

Developers for Manor Road have submitted their application and it has been validated by the Labour run council. The development shows a significant increase in the mass of the whole proposal which is totally out of keeping with the area, and in direct contradiction to the local plan.

Ealing Conservatives Oppose Gurnell Development

This is a reminder to comment and oppose the live planning application at Gurnell Leisure Centre. Our London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey, and our GLA Candidate for Ealing & Hillingdon Greg Stafford met with the campaign group 'Save Gurnell' earlier in the year to extend their support.