Fabio Conti - By-Election Candidate for Hanger Hill

Having lived in Ealing all my life, and working nearby as an NHS GP, I’m standing in the upcoming Hanger Hill council by-election because Ealing’s Labour dominated council just aren’t listening. 

In recent years they’ve not listened to local people on library closures, high rise developments springing up across the borough and the introduction of road blocks without consultation as part of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme (LTNs), despite a community petition from over 10,000 residents.  

If you elect me as your Conservative councillor in Hanger Hill, I pledge too:  

1.      Campaign against inappropriate overdevelopment 

The high-rise developments, some over 40 storey, that are being approved locally are not providing the affordable family homes Ealing needs.  

2.     No more Low Traffic Neighbourhoods without proper prior resident consultation  

Ealing Council need to listen and engage with local people, no further schemes should be introduced without consultation and the support of local people.  

3.     Work with community groups and the local police to tackle antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping. 

To help deliver change in Ealing, back the Conservatives and let’s work together to improve our local area.