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Norma Haythorn - President

Norma Haythorn has been President of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2018, having taken on the position from her husband David who had held the position for over two decades. Norma has been an active presence within the Hanger Hill ward for many years, supporting the area in which she lives. Norma has previously stood for council elections in South Acton and continues to be a key supporter of many community groups across the borough.

Vlod Barchuk - Chairman

Vlod Barchuk has been Chairman of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2018. Originally from Worcestershire, Vlod has lived in Ealing and Acton for over 25 years. He works as an accountant in Central London. Vlod was a councillor in Acton from 2006-2010 when the Conservatives where running Ealing Council, taking responsibilities for policy and management of street cleaning, transport and safer communities.

Anu Khela - Deputy Chair Political

Anu Khela has been Deputy Chair Political of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2020. Born and raised in Ealing, where she was educated locally at Notting Hill and Ealing High School. She works at a corporate law firm in Central London. Anu was a Council candidate in Perivale in the 2018 local council elections and has co-ordinated campaigns within the Conservative Party at both a local and national level.

Sara Kumar - Deputy Chair Fundraising

Sara Kumar has been Deputy Chair Fundraising of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2015. Born, raised and educated locally in the Ealing area, Sara works as an Events Manager at the think tank The Centre for Social Justice in Westminster. Sara was a candidate for the West Ham constituency in the 2019 General Election and a Council candidate in Acton in the 2018 local elections. Sara has been a local activist against crime, solving homelessness and an advocate for animal welfare in west London for nearly a decade and continues to raise awareness to these issues.
As the Vice Chairman of the local Safer Neighbourhood board, Sara actively works to build the bridge between the community’s needs and the Metropolitan Police. As part of this role, Sara also manages several community projects that aim to reduce and prevent crime in and around the Ealing area.

Emma Mi - Deputy Chair Membership & Secretary

Emma Mi has been Deputy Chair Membership & Secretary of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2020. Before moving to Ealing, Emma studied Medicine at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. She currently works as a Doctor in London. Emma is passionate about healthcare management and has worked in NHS England on new models of care for the NHS of the future.

Richard Arnold - Treasurer

Richard Arnold has been the Treasurer of the Ealing Central and Acton Association since February 2016. Richard moved to London to study where he obtained a Masters Degree in Data Communication Engineering. He currently works in the City as a Application Security Consultant where he assess software vulnerabilities and provides solutions for technical security teams. He is an active member in the Ealing Common ward.

Jack Dhillon - Young Conservatives Chair

Jack Dhillon has been Young Conservatives Chair since February 2017. Born and raised in Ealing, but currently at school in Oxfordshire. Jack sees the important impact and role young people have in our community. In his roles as Young Conservatives Officer and Chair of Ealing Young Conservatives, he is keen to engage young members of the Party in Ealing and ensure their views are heard and represented. The Young Conservatives hold a variety of social, campaigning and policy events throughout the year, often just for under-26 members. Jack sees it as a privilege to lead such a diverse and vibrant group of young members.