Preserving Ealing’s historical town centre

Councillor Alexander Stafford continues to play an active role in preserving Ealing's historical town centre. The dystopian nightmare is on hold until a fully independent public inquiry has taken place in May 2017.

Labour to Axe Children’s Library at Ealing Central Library

The number of Children's books at Ealing Central library will be reduced by 66% from 21,000 to 7,000. The full extent of Labour’s plans to squeeze the library to death was only revealed after fierce questioning by Conservative Councillors at the 4th August Overview and Scrutiny Meeting.

Labour sells Ealing’s Crown Jewels

The future community use of Ealing Town Hall is only guaranteed for 5 years according to a report to Tuesday's Cabinet meeting, according to Conservative opposition Councillors. This follows the decision of the Labour Administration to lease the building for 250 years to a hotel group. 

Ealing Central Library Squeezed to Death

The date and time of Ealing Central library being squeezed to death should be recorded as 12th July 2016 @7pm according to Conservative Opposition Councillors. This follows the decision by the Labour Administration voluntarily to give up its current site in exchange for a significantly smaller site. 

Ealing Council under Labour is in Decline

The Council’s Annual Performance Report which measure 57 key indicators reveals that for 2015/16, 45% of the indicators have declined in performance since last year.