Ealing Central Library Squeezed to Death

The date and time of Ealing Central library being squeezed to death should be recorded as 12th July 2016 @7pm according to Conservative Opposition Councillors. This follows the decision by the Labour Administration voluntarily to give up its current site in exchange for a significantly smaller site. 

Ealing Council under Labour is in Decline

The Council’s Annual Performance Report which measure 57 key indicators reveals that for 2015/16, 45% of the indicators have declined in performance since last year.

Campaign for suicide hotline at Ealing Broadway station

Conservative Cllr Alex Stafford is campaigning for a Samaritans helpline to be installed at Ealing Broadway station, following Four fatalities in 2015.  Installation of the helpline could help prevent further tragedies occurring.

Support Our Local High Streets – Save “Stop & Shop”

Ealing Labour is proposing to make changes to the current “Stop&Shop” bays in the borough, which will be anti-local businesses.   These bays currently provide free parking for a fixed initial period, and help support local businesses.

Zac For Mayor

Zac Goldsmith, member of Parliament for Richmond Park, has been selected as the ConservativeCandidate for London Mayor.