Westbury Road over-development approved!

Labour and Lib Dem councillors force through planning application to turn the family home at 1 Westbury Road into 14 flats despite opposition from local residents.

Local residents and your local Conservative councillors fought to stop these proposals but the Labour controlled planning committee ignored these concerns. 

Cllr Nigel Sumner voted against the proposal saying: "This is an overdevelopment of a residential family home. We need more of these beautiful houses and fewer one bedroom flats". 

Cllr Joy Morrissey who spoke at the planning committee said: "The loss of garden to make space for car parking is a disgrace and will ruin the 

character of the property. It's green space which will be lost forever". 

Cllr Gregory Stafford said: "I lived on Westbury Road for 8 years so I know that this plan will cause more congestion on an already busy road. It is sad to see family homes being broken into flats". 

There are a number of covenants in place which could be enforced to block the proposal so all is not yet lost. Your local councillors will continue to work with residents to campaign to keep this house as a family home.