Perivale & Hanger Hill Conservatives Will Fight To Stop Your Local Police Station Closure

London's Labour Mayor has closed front desks at Ealing and Southall Police Stations and the Perivale & Hanger Hill local police base is under threat. 

Crime has already skyrocketed in London under Labour and we say enough is enough! Perivale’s Conservative candidates’ James Challinor, Anu Khela and Edmond Yeo will fight to keep the station open.

James Challinor states “Labour’s Perivale councillors simply don’t have a clue how to keep the area safe. The people of Perivale deserve better than lazy Labour”. Anu Khela and Edmond Yeo are both active in various police groups across Ealing and are passionate about reducing crime. 

Vote for your Conservative candidates on 3rd May for common sense solutions to law and order.