Let’s get more pupils back to School

Primary School pupils have returned to school, but a survey suggest that barely more than half the eligible primary children can attend their class and less than half are attending.  Whilst not all schools have provided data it is clear that there is a long way to go to ensure that all eligible pupils could be at school.


Reception:            43 of 70 schools open to year group; while only 42.3% attending 

Yr 1:                      45 0f 71 schools open to year group; while only 43.0% attending

Yr 6:                      42 of 69 schools open to year group; whilst only 50.7% attending

Councillor David Millican, Opposition Member for Education said:

"Put another way, less than a quarter of all eligible primary children are in school and whilst I am glad the numbers are creeping up, we need to see more pupils back at school, in a routine and carrying on with their learning.   I appreciate that every school is different, and every school must undertake a full risk assessment to ensure that children and staff are safe, but I hope that more pupils will be back to school soon.


Note: The Department for Education guidelines are that pupils in Nursery, Reception Years 1 and 6 could return to school from June 1 in class bubbles of up to 15.