Have Your Say - Northfield Av West CPZ Consultation

Consultation documents for the possible introduction of a CPZ in Northfield Avenue West are currently being distributed in the area. 

The area to be consulted is bounded by

West of Northfield Avenue

Boston Road and east

Elthorne Park Road and south

Hessel Road and south

Burnham Way, Fulmer Way and north

The document is very comprehensive with a map, many FAQs and an email and telephone number for residents to contact with questions.  We encourage you to respond to the consultation, which you may wish to discuss with your neighbours, as we’d obviously like the highest possible response rate.

We appreciate that some people will want a CPZ, whilst others won’t.  However as Councillors we remain neutral, meaning that if residents across the area want a CPZ it will be introduced, if not it won’t.

However it is important that, as your Councillors, we comprehend your views and concerns, so please feel free to contact us and let us know what you think.

The consultation is running until the 16th March. 

We have attached a copy of the consultation document below. 



Attachment Size
Consultation Document 6.07 MB