Ealing Labour Council Spends £41k on Consultation Process to Close 7 Libraries

Ealing Labour Council reveals that they have spent £41k thus far on the consultation process to close 7 libraries. 

In response to a direct question asked at the 2nd April Full Council Meeting, Labour admitted that they had spent £41k so far, including £17.5k on two consultants.  This is despite not only having a director for the service, but a portfolio holder who recently voted to keep her generous Special Responsibility Allowance, rather than cut it to save all the libraries.

Cllr Greg Stafford, Opposition Leader said:

Just when you think you know all of Labour's hubris and incompetence, they reluctantly admitted to spending the equivalent salaries for at least 2 full time library staff on the consultation process to close 7 libraries!  

Adding insult to injury, the Council is already paying senior staff to manage the service, and also a generous Special Responsibility Allowance for the Labour portfolio holder.

Time and time again, residents have said that they want their libraries to remain open with the latest petition having over 5,000 signatures ahead of a debate at June Council Meeting.

When will Ealing Labour stop wasting public funds on consultants, when the message is loud and clear: Leave our Libraries open!”