Ealing Conservatives Pledge to Restore Weekly Street Cleaning

Councillor Greg Stafford, Leader of the Opposition, announced at the 11 October Full Council Meeting that a Conservative Administration would restore the weekly street cleaning service. This comes after Ealing Labour have moved to a three weekly clean and six weekly deep clean of Ealing’s streets.

Councillor Stafford said:

“Towards the end of summer, Labour quietly changed the street cleaning schedule hoping that residents would not notice.  Unfortunately, it is hard not to notice how dirty the streets are, especially as rubbish is being accumulated over three weeks instead of one week.

Labour insists that three weeks is an acceptable standard for street cleaning and that residents are not complaining.  Residents are complaining, but just not to the Council as they don’t want to waste 45 minutes of their lives trying to contact the Council only to be given the run around or a useless reference number!

This is yet another visible example of Labour not listening, not hearing and not working for Ealing.  A Conservative Administration if elected in May 2018, will work for Ealing by promptly reinstating the weekly street cleaning service.”