Ealing Conservatives have made a May 2018 local election pledge to Clean Up Ealing. We will do this by reinstating weekly street sweeping and free garden waste collection.

Flytipping has gone up by as much as 200% locally since Ealing’s Labour Council reduced street sweeping from weekly to as little as once every 12 weeks. A report in 2017 showed that rates of flytipping in Ealing were some of the worst in the country.

Residents have been telling us that our borough has never been so untidy and feel that Ealing Council have failed to address this. We believe enough of Labour’s excuses; it is time for action.

If a Conservative Council is elected on Thursday 3rd May 2018, it would make cleaning up Ealing one of the top priorities and tackle the rampant flytipping that is happening across the borough.

Despite being in opposition on Ealing Council our Conservative Councillors have already been taking action to try and deal with these issues.

Ealing Conservatives have been working with local residents and businesses along with the police and council officers to tackle flytipping hotspots. They have arranged a number of community Clean Up Days, bringing residents and councillors together to tackle some local grot spots that the council won’t address.

Over the last 8 years Ealing’s Labour Council have presided over a dramatic increase in flytipping, the breakdown of our roads and pavements and over development that has seen skyscrapers springing up across Ealing.

On the 3rd May 2018 Ealing Conservatives offer a positive vision for our borough future. We will clean up our streets, fix our dangerous roads and pavements and deliver homes that are sympathetic to their surroundings. We will bid for our share of the Conservative Governments £9bn housing fund to build more affordable social housing.