Conservatives to question Labour's mad, bad and sad plans to relocate Ealing Central Library

Labour's plan to relocate Ealing Central Library have been labelled as "mad, bad and sad" by the Conservative Shadow Cabinet who have called in decision for further scrutiny.

Cllr Theresa Mullins, Shadow Cabinet Member said:

“Labour's plan to reduce Ealing Central Library are just plain mad, bad and sad for the residents of Ealing.

The plans are mad, as it means the library space will be reduced by 64%. The library currently occupies 2,705 square feet which will be reduced to a tiny 956 square feet thereby obliterating the sense of space that residents appreciate in their library.

The bad aspect of the plans are the financials which do not add up. It doesn't take an accountant to realise that the Council is giving away a more valuable unit for a less valuable one. Unbelievably, Labour views this transaction as great news for local residents.

However, the even bigger and sadder part, will be the loss of books and valuable study space for students. The current book stock of 124,000 items will be reduced by 71% to 35,000 items. The 155 designated study spaces will be reduced to 65 - a 58% reduction.

Only Labour would attempt to label a 71% reduction of book stock, 64% reduction of floor space and a 58% reduction of designated study space, as a first-class library facility for residents.

I urge residents to attend the Call-In Meeting on Thursday, 5 October at 7pm at Ealing Town Hall. If Labour is allowed to get away with this plan, it will only be a matter of time before the other libraries are slashed, or worse yet, fully closed as they tried to do before."