Amandeep Will Clean Up Dormers Wells

Residents have been telling us how angry they are about the amount of flytipping in the area and the lack of action by Ealing's Labour Council.

If you elect Amandeep Gill as your local councillor on Thursday 8th November he will work with residents to identify flytips in the area and get them cleaned up. 

Over recent years we've seen flytipping in the borough go up as much as 200% and street sweeping cut back from once weekly to only once every three months. Despite cutting back your services, Ealing's Labour council increased your council tax by 6% this year. 

Amandeep will work with local businesses, the police and council officers to find solutions to prevent further flytipping in the future. 

Southall has had a full slate of Labour councillors for decades and they have collectively failed to tackle this and other local issues. By voting for Amandeep on the 8th November you can elect a councillor who will take action and work for you and your family. A Conservative councillor in Southall will shake up the status quo and shatter the complacency.