Local Ealing Conservative Manifesto 2022


1. Local Ealing Conservatives will open a police hub in every ward

> More Council funded police officers for the borough

> Tackling ASB hotspots with extra CCTV

> Free burglar alarms for the over 70s

2. Local Ealing Conservatives will oppose unwanted tower blocks

> Low rise family homes in keeping with the area

> Proper consultation with local residents on planning applications

> Homes for local residents and not foreign investors

3. Local Ealing Conservatives will reinstate weekly street cleaning

> Reverse Labour's cuts to street cleaning and and recycling centres

> Greater enforcement against the criminals who fly-tip

> Regular tree maintenance and rapid removal of obstructions

4. Local Ealing Conservatives will improve street lighting and CCTV coverage

> Greater CCTV coverage in crime and fly-tipping hotspots

> Lighting up areas in the borough that are poorly lit

> Free personal alarms for women and girls

5. Local Ealing Conservatives will increase the number of family sized homes

> No developments without more GPs, schools and play areas

> Clamp down on rogue landlords exploiting tenants

> Build 3000 genuinely affordable homes for Ealing residents

6. Local Ealing Conservatives will install 2000 electric charging points across the borough

> 2000 new electric charging points

> No unwanted Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) roadblocks

> 50,000 new trees planted by 2026


So on the 5th of May, we ask you to give us your support, so that together we can make Ealing Safer, Cleaner and Greener.


Read the full PDF version of the Manifesto below


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