Ealing Broadway

Your Ealing Broadway Conservative Councillors (from left to right in the photo)

Cllr Seema Kumar


Seema has raised her family in Ealing and dedicated 35 years to charitable and voluntary work. As an Ealing Broadway Councillor Seema's priorities are working to ensure the neighbourhood is kept clean and safe, that troublemakers are stopped and that our heritage is left intact. She believes people should be able to live in a pleasant environment, and she's always there for any resident who needs help.


Cllr Anthony Young


Anthony has lived in Ealing all his life. Anthony was born in Ealing, went to school in Ealing and works locally as a veterinary surgeon.
He is married with two adult children. Anthony has been a Councillor since 1978, and is particularly interested in the Environment, the state of Ealing's roads and pavements, local parks and open spaces.